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Meet Our Arts Teachers

Courtney Hamlett
Visual Arts

My name is Courtney Hamlett (Miss C). I’m an alum of the Cleveland School of the Arts and have studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. I’m teaching Visual Arts this year at NWSOTA. The Visual Arts program will be working with students to strengthen their skills as young, growing artists. They will be taught different drawing and painting techniques, how to build their portfolio, and also how to critique their artwork. The children will also learn some fashion design and jewelry design, and we’re going to incorporate different tools using technology to learn more ways to create art. Some of the benefits of Visual Arts are improving artistic abilities, portfolio building, building confidence skills and freedom to visually express their selves, and to possibly continue their artistic growth at Cleveland School of the Arts and other art-based schools in the future.

Kenneth Manns

The Band Program at NWSOTA provides a professional, uplifting, and fun environment for students to experience music and develop as a musician. A positive and supportive environment is key to a student’s development as a musician, so we maintain a fully inclusive environment that provides an opportunity for students’ self-expression and personality. We strive for artistic and academic excellence for all members.

Frederick Taylor
Vocal music

My name is Frederick Taylor. A little background on myself. I am a graduate of Central State University, with a perforce degree in voice. I have traveled the world singing on many different stages, with many different orchestras.

NWSOTA choir is a choral ensemble that will focus on the development of comprehensive choral musicianship through performance experience. Students will be exposed to different musical genres, literature, and practices. The goal of this course is to help develop the students’ voice, foster their love of music, become confident singers/performers, and develop an appreciation for music from many areas. This will not only give them a sense of responsibility but also improve their self-esteem while teaching them how to work as a team.

Nehemiah Spencer

The purpose for this class is to develop cognitive, intuitive, physical and performance skills. To move to the next level, you must achieve the objectives listed

  1. Coordination: The ability to efficiently link movement patterning.
  2. Alignment: The Ability to maintain correct muscle skeletal positioning in movement
    or stillness.
  3. Conditioning: The ability to demonstrate balanced flexibility, strength and endurance.
  4. Clarity: The ability to accurately and consistently execute intended movements.
  5. Adaptability: The ability to employ physical and performance skills for a variety of
    choreographic intentions.
  6. Artistry: The ability to integrate technical skills with intuition and personal presence.

Austin Hopson
Theatre / Performing Arts

Students learn all aspects of theatre from the actors on stage to the technicians that bring it all together. Theatre helps students learn the social skills needed in many aspects of life including confidence, organization, and creativity.